ACM International Conference on Information Technology for Social Good (GoodIT 2021)

9-11 September 2021, Rome, Italy



Proceedings are available in the ACM Digital Library at the following URL:


Best paper

"A Lightweight Deep Learning Approach to Mosquito Classification from Wingbeat Sounds"
by: Myat Su Yin, Peter Haddawy, Borvorntat Nirandmongkol, Tup Kongthaworn, Chanaporn Chaisumritchoke, Akara Supratak, Chaitawat Sa-ngamuang, Patchara Sriwichai

Best runner-up

"Social and rewarding microscopical dynamics in blockchain-based online social networks"
by: Cheick Tidiane Ba, Matteo Zignani, Sabrina Gaito

Best Work-in-Progress

"Deep learning and collaborative training for reducing communication barriers with deaf people"
by: Manuel Vázquez-Enríquez, Pablo Losada-Rodríguez, Mateo González-Cid, José L. Alba-Castro

Accepted as Regular papers

  • "Reducing bias and increasing utility by federated generative modeling of medical images using a centralized adversary" J. Rajotte; S. Mukherjee; R. Ng; J. Ferres; A. Ortiz; C. Robinson; C. West
  • "An Auction and Witness Enhanced Trustworthy SLA Model for Decentralized Cloud Marketplaces" Z. Shi; S. Farshidi; H. Zhou; Z. Zhao
  • "Li-Ion Batteries State-of-Charge Estimation Using Deep LSTM at Various Battery Specifications and Discharge Cycles" K. Wong; M. Bosello; R. Tse; C. Falcomer; C. Rossi; G. Pau
  • "CESS - Closed Environment Safety System" F. Corazza; F. Troisi; S. Comai; A. Masciadri; F. Salice
  • "The ADAPT Project: Adaptive and Autonomous Data Performance Connectivity and Decentralized Transport Decision-Making Network" N. Saurabh; V. Kashanskii; R. Prodan; A. Validi; C. Olaverri-Monreal
  • "Danish Nursing Home Staffs’ Perceived Visual Comfort and Perceived Usefulness of a Circadian Lighting System" K. Schledermann; T. Bjørner; T. Hansen
  • "Predicting Real Fear of Heights Using Virtual Reality" G. Boccignone; D. Gadia; D. Maggiorini; L. Ripamonti; V. Tosto
  • "Enabling Support of Legacy Devices for a more Sustainable Internet of Things" C. Boano
  • "Citizens' Perceived Information Responsibilities and Information Challenges During the COVID-19 Pandemic" J. Haunschild; S. Pauli; C. Reuter
  • "How can a serious game be designed to provide engagement with and awareness of the plastic crisis as part of UN’s SDGs" T. Bjørner
  • "The Role of Inter-Regional Tourism in the Spread of CoVid-19 in Italy during the 2020 Summer: A Confirmatory Study" M. Roccetti; L. Casini
  • "Micogito: a Serious Gamebook Based on Daily Life Scenarios to Cognitively Stimulate Older Adults" V. Palumbo; F. Paterno
  • "Fall Prevention and Detection in Smart Homes Using Monocular Cameras and an Interactive Social Robot" K. Lachaux; J. Maitre; K. Bouchard; M. Lussier; C. Bottari; M. Couture; N. Bier; S. Giroux; S. Gaboury
  • "Look Ma, No Hands: A Wearable Neck-Mounted Interface" J. Lacanlale; P. Isayan; A. Nahapetian; K. Mkrtchyan
  • "On-device training of machine learning models on microcontrollers with a look at federated learning" M. Monfort; R. Centelles; F. Freitag
  • "Health Misinformation Detection in Web Content: A Structural-, Content-based, and Context-aware Approach based on Web2Vec" R. Upadhyay; G. Pasi; M. Viviani
  • "Connectivity Management in an Integrated Heterogeneous Social Networks Framework in Vehicular Environments" H. Minh; A. Vegni; V. Loscrì; A. Benslimane
  • "HELIOS CJ App: The decentralization of the Citizen Journalism" B. Guidi; L. Ricci; R. Nyffenegger; R. Ribback
  • "Face Mask Detection on Real-World Webcam Images" E. Adhikarla; B. Davison
  • "Move&Learn: an Adaptive Exergame to Support Visual-Motor Skills of Children with Neuro developmental Disorders" J. Raygoza-Romero; A. Gonzalez-Hernandez; K. Bermudez; A. Martinez-Garcia; K. Caro
  • "A Lightweight Deep Learning Approach to Mosquito Classification from Wingbeat Sounds" M. Yin; P. Haddawy; B. Nirandmongkol; T. Kongthaworn; C. Chaisumritchoke; A. Supratak; C. Sa-ngamuang; P. Sriwichai
  • "Governing Decentralized Complex Queries Through a DAO" M. Zichichi; L. Serena; S. Ferretti; G. D'Angelo
  • "Promoting a Safe Return to University Campuses during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Crowdsensing Room Occupancy" G. Tumedei; F. Boschi; C. Prandi; L. Gomes; R. Calheno; R. Abreu; S. Ma; V. Nisi; N. Nunes; A. Esteves
  • "Social and rewarding microscopical dynamics in blockchain-based online social networks" C. Ba; M. Zignani; S. Gaito
  • "Counting Mosquitoes in the Wild: An Internet of Things Approach" D. Vasconcelos; M. Yin; F. Wetjen; A. Herbst; T. Ziemer; A. Forster; T. Barkowsky; N. Nunes; P. Haddawy
  • "Data Collection and Labeling of Real-Time IoT-Enabled Bio-Signals in Everyday Settings for Mental Health Improvement" A. Tazarv; S. Labbaf; A. Rahmani; N. Dutt; M. Levorato
  • "IPPODAMO: a Digital Twin Support for Smart Cities Facility Management" A. Bujari; A. Calvio; L. Foschini; A. Sabbioni; A. Corradi
  • "Tracking the Impact of Fake News on US Election Cycles" O. Alkhalili; S. Robila
  • "Take the trash out... to the edge. Creating a Smart Waste Bin based on 5G Multi-access Edge Computing." E. Longo; F. Sahin; A. Redondi; P. Bolzan; M. Bianchini; S. Maffei
  • "Co-designed mini-games for children with severe visual impairment" A. Rodà; A. Cucinotta; R. Luise; A. Padoan; N. Pozza; S. Trentin; G. Turra
  • "Jammo Virtual Robot Enhances the Social Skills of Children With HFA: Development and Deployment" M. Abdelmohsen; Y. Arafa
  • "Data-Driven Time Series Forecasting for Social Studies Using Spatio-Temporal Graph Neural Networks" Y. Li; B. Dong; L. Khan; B. Thuraisingham
  • "Can 360° VR and customization foster personal connections between tourists and locals? An experiment in the sharing economy and hospitality frame" C. Prandi; C. Ceccarini; V. Nisi
  • "Adaptive remote experimentation for engineering students" N. Slamnik-Kriještorac; J. Pinheiro; T. Huybrechts; D. van den Akker; J. Marquez-Barja
  • "Alife biohybrid systems for environmental intelligence: WatchPlant project" L. García Carmona; S. Bogdan; A. Diaz-Espejo; M. Dobielewski; H. Hamann; V. Hernandez-Santana; A. Kernbach; S. Kernbach; A. Quijano-López; N. Roxhed; B. Salamat; M. Wahby
  • "Radioactivity Monitoring in Ocean Ecosystems (RAMONES)" T. Mertzimekis; P. Nomikou; E. Petra; P. Batista; David; A. Pascoal; L. Sebastiao; K. Karantzalos; J. Escartin; K. Kebkal; A. Mallios; K. Nikolopoulos; L. Maigne
  • "Towards new frontiers for distributed environmental monitoring based on an ecosystem of plant seed-like soft robots" B. Mazzolai; T. Kraus; N. Pirrone; L. Kooistra; A. De Simone; A. Cottin; L. Margheri
  • "Environmental Intelligence for more Sustainable Infrastructure Investment" M. Mulligan; S. Burke; H. van Delden; C. Douglas; R. Giordano; E. Lopez-Gunn; A. Scrieciu; M. Shi; A. Van Soesbergen
  • "SMARTLAGOON: Innovative modelling approaches for predicting socio-environmental evolution in highly anthropized coastal lagoons" J. Cecilia; P. Manzoni; D. Trolle; A. Nielsen; P. Blanco; C. Prandi; S. Peña-Haro; L. Barkved; D. Pierson; J. Senent-Aparicio

Accepted as Short Papers

  • "IoT & AI Based System for Fish Farming: Case study of Benin" B. Agossou; T. Toshiro
  • "Coronabot: A Conversational AI System for Tackling Misinformation" N. Gunson; W. Sieinska; Y. Yu; D. Garcia; J. Part; C. Dondrup; O. Lemon
  • "Encouraging users in waste sorting using deep neural networks and gamification" G. Delnevo, G. Aguzzi, S. Letizi, M. Luffarelli, A. Petreti, S. Mirri
  • "ICT for Education and Learning in the Context of Development: A Review of the ICTD Literature" A. Johri
  • "Understanding parents’ perceptions of children’s cybersecurity awareness in Norway" F. Quayyum; J. Bueie; D. Cruzes; L. Jaccheri; J. Vidal
  • "The Online Course Was Great: I Would Attend It Face-to-Face" M. Lodi; M. Sbaraglia; S. Zingaro; S. Martini
  • "Data-Driven Performance Prediction in a Geometry Game Environment" S. Strukova; J. Ruipérez-Valiente; F. Mármol
  • "Computable Trustworthiness Ranking of Medical Experts in Italy during the SARS-CoV-19 Pandemic" D. Ceolin; F. Doneda; G. Primiero
  • "Handling of Labeling Uncertainty in Smart Homes using Generalizable Fuzzy Features" C. Demongivert; K. Bouchard; S. Gaboury; M. Lussier; H. Kenfack-Ngankam; M. Couture; N. Bier; S. Giroux
  • "Deep Learning based Street Parking Sign Detection and Classification for Smart Cities" P. Faraji; H. Tohidypour; Y. Wang; P. Nasiopoulos; S. Ren; A. Rizvi; C. Feng; M. Pourazad; V. Leung

Accepted as Work in Progress

  • "Modelling and Visualizing People Flow in Smart Buildings: a Case Study in a University Campus" R. Tse; S. Mirri; S. Tang; G. Pau; P. Salomoni
  • "On Using Video Lectures Data Usage to Predict University Students Dropout" M. Furini; G. Galli; M. Martini
  • "A mixed-methods study of participatory budgeting in Scotland" J. Davies; M. Arana-Catania; R. Procter; F. van Lier; Y. He
  • "Automatic and User-Tailored Playlist Sequencing" M. Furini; S. D'arcangelo
  • "Assessing Algorithmic Fairness without Sensitive Information" S. Noiret
  • "Deep learning and collaborative training for reducing communication barriers with deaf people" M. Vázquez Enríquez; P. Losada Rodríguez; M. González Cid; J. Alba Castro
  • "Disseminating Data using LoRa and Epidemic Forwarding in Disaster Rescue Operations" Y. Dalpathadu; T. Showry; V. Kuppusamy; A. Udugama; A. Förster
  • "A machine learning pipeline for aiding school identification from child trafficking images" S. Mukherjee; T. Sederholm; A. Roman; R. Sankar; S. Caltagirone; J. Ferres
  • "Preserving and conserving culture: first steps towards a knowledge extractor and cataloguer for multilingual and multi-alphabetic heritages" S. Bergamaschi; R. Martoglia; F. Ruozzi; R. Vigliermo; S. De Nardis; L. Sala; M. Vanzini
  • "Empowering Locksmith Crafts via Mobile Augmented Reality" L. Stacchio; A. Angeli; G. Marfia

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