INET framework extensions for TCP Vegas and TCP Westwood

Currently, the OMeT++ simulation platform lacks novel enhancements to the TCP protocol targeting wireless environments, offering just the standard TCP implementation. This is a significant drawback when compared to other widely adopted simulation tools - e.g. ns-2, ns-3, Opnet -, especially when taking into consideration the relevance of wireless technologies in current and future research efforts in the networking area. In an attempt to mitigate this gap, we have implemented two well-known TCP variants for the OMNeT++ platform. Our main goal is to provide a basic framework for the development of new TCP implementations, mostly oriented to wireless channels, by offering a set of well-established reference protocols (Reno, Vegas, and Westwood) according to current literature. Simulation experiments under different channel delay and loss conditions are used to validate the implemented protocols, as well as to provide reference performance levels for other related pro- posals to be compared against. The code is distributed under a GNU/GPL license.