PhD Students

  • Carlos Javier Fernández Laguía
    (Advisor: Pietro Manzoni)
  • Francisco José Fabra Collado
    (Advisor: Carlos Calafate)
  • Jorge Zambrano
    (Advisors: Carlos Calafate)
  • Leonardo Chancay Garcia
    (Advisor: Enrique Hernández, Pietro Manzoni)
  • Miguel Kiyoshy Nakamura
    (Advisor: Pietro Manzoni, Marco Zennaro)
  • Oscar Alvear
    (Advisor: Carlos Calafate)
  • Seilendria Hadiwardoyo
    (Advisors: Juan Carlos Cano, Carlos Calafate)
  • Subhadeep Patra
    (Advisor: Juan Carlos Cano, Pietro Manzoni)
  • Willian Jesus Zamora Mero
    (Advisor: Carlos Calafate)

Master Students

  • Elsa Patricia Vera Burgos
    (Advisor: Carlos Calafate)
  • Pablo Reyes
    (Advisor: Carlos Calafate)
  • Sergio Ortiz Mayordomo
    (Advisor: Carlos Calafate)


  • C.K. Toh (National Tsing Hua University, TAIWAN, Alico Systems)
  • Francisco Martínez (Universidad de Zaragoza, SPAIN)
  • Piedad Garrido (Universidad de Zaragoza, SPAIN)
  • Manuel Fogué (Universidad de Zaragoza, SPAIN)
  • Johann M. Márquez Barja (CONNECT / the telecommunications research centre - Trinity College Dublin, IRELAND)
  • Miguel Perez (Universidad Jaume I, SPAIN)
  • Pablo Boronat (Universidad Jaume I, SPAIN)
  • Edjair Mota (Institute of Computing at the Federal University of Amazonas – UFAM, BRASIL)


  • Jorge Herrera Tapia, "Improving Message Dissemination in Opportunistic Networks", July 2017
  • Miguel Báguena Albaladejo, "Design and implementation of simulation tools, protocols and architectures to support service platforms on vehicular networks", June 2017
  • Jorge Eloy Luzuriaga, "Managing Mobility for Distributed Smart Cities Services", June 2017
  • Javier Meseguer Anastasio, "A novel framework to promote eco-driving through smartphone-vehicle integration", June 2017
  • Chaker Abdelaziz Kerrache, "Malicious messages detection and exclusion mechanisms in Vehicular Networks (VANETs)", January 2017
  • Sergio Martínez, “Delay Tolerant Networks for Efficient Information Harvesting and Distribution in Intelligent Transportation Systems", July 2016
  • Rashad Aliyev, "Penetration testing with Penteston", June 2016
  • Ali Balador, "Design and Evaluation of Efficient Medium Access Control Solutions for Vehicular Environments", March 2016.
  • Álvaro Torres, "Efficient real-time video delivery in vehicular networks", February 2016.
  • Javier Barrachina Villalba, "Using Ontologies and Intelligent Systems for Traffic Accident Assistance in Vehicular Environments", July 2014.
  • Manuel David Serrat Olmos, "Cooperation techniques to improve peer-to-peer wireless networks security", September 2013.
  • Johann M. Márquez Barja, "Scalable and efficient vertical handover decision algorithms in vehicular network contexts", November 2012.
  • Carlos Lino Ramírez, "Diseño De Una Arquitectura Para Redes De Sensores Con Soporte Para Aplicaciones De Detección De Eventos", March 2012
  • José Cano Reyes, "Integrated Architecture for Configuration and Service Management in MANET Environments", January 2012.
  • Jorge Hortelano Otero, "Design and implementation of architectures for the deployment of secure community wireless networks", February 2011.
  • Francisco Martínez, "Improving Vehicular ad hoc Network Protocols to Support Safety Applications in Realistic Scenarios", December 2010
  • Jânio Miguel E. Ferreira Monteiro, "Quality Assurance Solutions for Multipoint Scalable Video Distribution over Wireless IP Networks", July 2010
  • Carlos Miguel Tavares De Araujo Cesariny Calafate, "Analysis and design of efficient techniques for video transmission in IEEE 802.11 wireless ad hoc networks", May 2006.
  • Juan Carlos Cano Escribá, "Diseño de algoritmos de encaminamiento de bajo consumo energético para redes inalámbricas ad hoc", December 2002.
  • Miguel Sanchez Lopez, "Diseño y evaluación de técnicas para el encaminamiento y el control de potencia en redes ad-hoc inalámbricas" September 2000.