• TACS (Trust Ant Colony System) is a Trust model for P2P, Ad-hoc and Wireless Sensor networks (also valid for multi-agent systems) based on the bio-inspired algorithm ACS (Ant Colony System).
  • OpenIKEv2 is an open source IKEv2 (draft #17 version) implementation written in C++.
  • CASTADIVA is a test-bed that allows the validation of software solutions for ad hoc networks using low-cost, off-the-shelf devices and open source software
  • Watchdog module for active attacks detection in MANETs. SafeWireless is a group of applications to improve the security of the wireless ad hoc networks.
  • CityMob: Generador de patrones de movimiento para entornos VANET
  • HOP: Anonimato en redes ad-hoc mediante integración de los protocolos HIP y OLSR
  • DACME: Distributed Admission Control for MANET Environments
  • C4R: Generación de modelos de movilidad para redes de vehículos a partir de mapas reales